Our member league APS received a request for help about a female Camel named Rani. Her owner abandoned her to die on the street after she suffered severe injuries due to a vehicle accident. As soon as APS heard of this, they arranged a truck and crane for her rescue, while one of their volunteers rushed immediately on site. They managed to save Rani after 30 minutes, and they took her to the Udaipur Animal Husbandry Department in Udaipur. Her health was seriously compromised. One eye was completely destroyed, and her skin completely diseased. She suffered a fracture to her leg’s radius. She had been applying dressings and antibiotics.

Unfortunately, despite all efforts, she couldn’t overcome her injuries and sadly passed away after four days. It’s always tough to lose an animal you’re trying to save.

Even though there is not a facility for cremating camels in the region, they are recognized as Rajasthan’s state animal. In order to carry out Rani’s cremation, APS hired a truck and crane once more and headed to the forest. The Team organized a cremation process in the forest to give Rani a dignified farewell. It was the first time a camel has been cremated in the entire state of Rajasthan.

It’s also unfortunate that there were no facilities available for the cremation of camels in Rajasthan. This sad ending is a reminder of the importance of creating proper infrastructure and providing proper care for the state animal.

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