The day our International Representative in Azerbaijan was informed about the condition of Katy and the way the owner has been keeping her for years, she couldn’t leave that dog suffering even one more day and she rushed at the place to help her.

This female 8-years old German shepherd was detained in a very small area and for her all life fed only with bread. The owner decided to sell his plot of land abandoning the dog. He left Katy there to die without food and water and just the compassion of some good-hearted neighbours kept her still alive.

She was found undernourished, full of ticks and the floor of her prison covered with faeces. OIPA Azerbaijan’s representative immediately carried the dog for an examination to the vet clinic. The blood test results and her general condition cannot be called satisfactory as important indicators of blood, liver and kidneys have been found alarming and also heart problems have been observed. The dog has been then placed on a care facility to be treated and is now undergoing full treatment.

Katy hopes to find a lovely forever family once recovered able to give her all that love, care and attention that she has never received.

❤️ If you want to help Katy and contribute to her recovery, rush a donation specifying “OIPA Azerbaijan” ❤️