GREAT VICTORY FOR OIPA SWITZERLAND – STRAY COCO The Veterinary Chamber of Kosovo published a press release on 7th of December 2016 concerning stray dogs. They point out, that catch/neuter/vaccinate/release is the best method to regulate and control the stray dog population. They declare that they are committed to veterinary ethics and remind all citizens that dogs used to be members of families and that dog owners are responsible for the well-being of their dogs. Killing of dogs is not allowed and should end.

After weeks of diplomatic work and petitions we finally reach the first step of this project. The dog won’t be killed, and CNVR campaign will start soon! Now we are looking for supporters!


AVUK, Food and Veterinary Agency Kosovo, has prepared a regulation for animal shelters that orders euthanasia for dogs without owners (abandoned animals and stray dogs) within 30 days after being brought into a shelter, if there will not be a new adopter. Article 9 /6 says the minimum period for adoption of sterilized animals is 30 days after their stay in the shelter. After this period the shelter may euthanise the dog – regulation Article 10 /1.3. When animals have passed the minimum time period required for adoption the rules of Euthanasia can be applied.

In the whole regulation the option of release as requires the CNVR Program is missing! It will be no longer possible to release stray dogs to their territory.

This Regulation will enter into force seven days after signature by the Prime Minister!

AVUK is the responsible Administration for Animal “Welfare” in Kosovo.


c5We are convinced that along with a continuous CNVR program education of children at all ages must take place to create change in behaviour of citizens. We agree also, that without a law regulation concerning responsible dog owner ship this country cannot control the stray dog population. CNVR alone brings forth change, because it stops reproduction and treated dogs stay longer healthy. But if the government would support CNVR and additionally would start education programs for children and information campaigns for citizens, registration of each owned dog – this country would go the correct way considering animal welfare! Kosovo is 4 times smaller than Switzerland, it has 1,9 Mio Citizens, and a very big expat community that is used to live in countries with correct animal rights and animal protection and No stray dogs! Kosovo can attract tourists and economic investments if they can deal with garbage and in a humane way with stray dogs.

Many European tourist will not visit Kosovo knowing about death camps, which the shelters will be euthanising dogs after 30 days!


cane3Widespread adoption of CNVR (Capture, Neuter, Vaccinate and Return/Release) programs for dogs, along with changes in human behaviour and environment, offers a sustainable remedy for both disease and animal welfare problems posed by free-roaming dogs in developing countries.

CNVR programs directly confront the problem of high turnover of dog populations, which mitigates against extensive rabies vaccination coverage and dog population control. CNVR programs have as their goal the reduction—not elimination— of street dog populations and the control of rabies and other diseases transmission. 

Many countries choose to adopt, as solution for the straydogs issue, massive killing campaigns, by shooting or poisoning or euthanising the dogs. This strategy, unfortunately, is not useful:

  1. Massive killings of dogs is a really expensive operation, in fact the Government has to pay for weapons’ munitions, narcotics, veterinarians and officers to perform the operation, collection  and discharge of dead animals, whereas CNVR Campaigns are much less expensive and long lasting. Furthermore they are often performed by Animal Welfare Associations with the support of many volunteers.
  1. Massive killing of dogs is not a long lasting solution, in fact, it’s not possible to kill ALL the dogs in the country, therefore there will be new puppies, new straydogs and in a couple of months the situation will be exactly the same as before and the straydog issue won’t be solved. Whereas with the CNR approach, the straydog population will stop growing and will be controlled along the years.
  1. Massive killings/euthanasia of dogs is a very cruel practice, shows no respect for animals, for the environment, for the living beings and the creatures of the Earth. Which message will pass to the children and future generations if instead of showing compassion and empathy to all human and animals, we show violence and no regrets for such a brutal action? If there is a better solution and the possibility to save innocent lives, why choose to kill them and to use the violence?


OIPA supports in many countries CNVR Campaigns, for example in Nepal, Cameroon, India, Tanzania, CLICK HERE

OIPA and STRAYCOCO support CNVR Campaigns and are asking with this appeal to the Prime Minister of KOSOVO, ISA MUSTAFA, to not sign the AVUK Regulation mentioned above.



To the Attention of the Prime Minister Mr. Isa Mustafa

To the attention of the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Mr. Isa Mustafa

I am writing hereby, in regards of the AVUK Regulation XX/2015 about Animal Shelters, asking to the Prime Minister to don’t sign the Regulation, and to give a real possibility to the dogs to find adoption and to don’t be killed with Euthanasia.
In the whole regulation the option of release as requires the CNVR Program is not mentioned. It will be no longer possible to release stray dogs in the territory.
Personally, I will not visit Kosovo, and I will ask all my acquaintances to do the same, until this situation will be solved legally.

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