Max, an 18 months old abandoned  and seriously ill German Shepherd: OIPA’s Blue Angels are trying their best to save his life.

Left alone on a sidewalk in Syracuse, Sicily, due to an illness, Max has already undergone a successful surgery on a very dangerous tumor at his rib cage. Luckily, he already looks way better and is on his way to recovery.

However, this is the fate of many unfortunate dogs like him, who are treated like objects – especially if non purebred, but many of them are not lucky enough to be found by the Blue Angels and saved and cured. Nonetheless, OIPA’s volunteers conduct a daily fight against this kind of situations and never leave animals in need behind.

As for Max, we are now waiting for a medical evaluation in order to find the correct therapy. Fortunately, the cancer seems to have been restricted, even though further histological examination is required.


If you wish to support Max with his recovery and contribute to his treatments, you can make a donation by filling out the form below. Thank you!



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