A violent blow to the head inflicted cruelly and with no mercy. The blow was intense enough to pierce through Napoleon’s cranium and almost got his ear canal cracked open. The intensity of the wound, visibly caused by a human being, leads to the suspect that it has been inflicted by one of those oppressors who sic dogs for fighting to then abandon them or worse, if they end up being “inappropriate”.

Napoleon, a Pit Bull of about a year and a half, who has been reported to the competent authorities multiple times, has wandered in terrible conditions for various days, annihilated by an incredible pain. Rescued by OIPA Agrigento’s volunteers, who immediately came to help him, Napoleon has been found slumping over on the ground, by that time robbed of strength, at the side of a road.

Fortunately, the larvae that had already started to penetrate the very deep wound in his cranium did not arrive to the brain, even though they have provoked a dangerous infection that has been stopped just on time. Recovered in a vet clinic, Napoleon has had fever for various days and the vets have consequently prescribed the appropriate medication, also to relieve the pain. Now he is feeling a bit better, even though he is still very weak because of the serious anemia status he is currently experiencing, caused by the many tick that covered his body.

Medicated multiple times a day, this young dog is fighting with all his strength to recover as soon as possible and we are rooting for him and hoping to see his eyes full of joy instead of pain.

Let us help Napoleon to get back to a decent and happy life together. Sometimes not much is needed to lean a hand of help, even a small contribution can guarantee the necessary cures for the survival of innocent souls, victims of human ferocity and brutality.

In case you have the opportunity to help materially, it is possible to send medicinal products like baytril or fitostimoline. For more information, please contact Laura Samaritano, OIPA Agrigento’s delegate, at agrigento@oipa.org



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