OIPA Nepal and the Nepal Animal Welfare and Research Center (NAWRC) have started also this year the Animal Birth Control Program carried out to manage and keep controlled the over-population of stray dogs in Banepa and the nearby municipalities.

The program includes a CNVR activity (Capture-Neuter-Vaccination-Release) and the plan is to neuter about 250 female dogs.

Dogs will be trapped and carried to the center, where will be neutered and vaccinated against rabies. After the surgery and once recovered, they will be monitored and released in their usual territory.

A daily follow-up will be carried on for 5 consecutive days after the release, to monitor the health conditions of the dogs and make sure that they will not have any complications.

The estimated budget for each dog is $35.

With a small donation you can support the project of NAWRC/OIPA Nepal and help them to neuter and vaccinate one more dog!