The story of Nerone is the typical story of many other hunting dogs which, exploited by their owners for years, are then abandoned without mercy when no longer able to perform their “duty” properly. Nerone has been abandoned at the time when, sick and senior, he would have needed much more love and attention.

The dog was noticed crouched on a roadside in terrible health condition. He was so skinny not to have even the strength to stand up and walk trying to find a place where feeling protected. His tail was docked and his body was full of wounds and partially without hair. He laid in the same position for days, waiting for someone to bring him food and water to survive. Residents of the area had contacted the municipality reporting the case but euthanasia was the solution proposed for him once caught.

Thanks to the intervention of our member league association Animal Rescue Albania, Nerone was instead rescued and taken to a vet to verify his general state of health. The dog, tested positive for leishmania, had to follow a long therapy in order to regain strength and slowly recover physically. He was also vaccinated and spayed.

Nerone has recently ended the treatment. He feels much better now but he’s looking for a family forever ❤️. He can’t be left again in the middle of a street after a life of suffering, also considering that stray dogs in Albania are often killed…

Thanks to your kind donations for the project “Save a stray”, we have been able to help Nerone by paying part of his examination, care and treatment.

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