Animals are sentient beeings, depending on species each of them has different needs and if these needs are unsatisfied they live in discomfort situations, they got sick and in the worst cases they can even die.

This “artistic installation” of Carsten Höller doesn’t care at all about animal needs.

In Milan in the Hangar Museum will be host the contemporary artistic exhibition “Doubt”, which includes an installation “Mouses Funfair”. The installation was in the hall of the museum and was a displaycase which could be open from the top. The case contained two little mouses, really scary and constantly bothered by the visitors. They had food and water but those conditions were completely improper for their needs.

Thanks to a segnalation, the OIPA Animal Corps could take action and remove the animals from the museum. At the moment the mouses are kept in a safe place and are waiting for adoption.