Unable even to spread their wings, over 5.9 billion caged laying hens are among the most intensively confined animals in agribusiness. Caged hens also suffer from the denial of many natural behaviours such as nesting, perching, and dustbathing, all important for hens’ welfare.

OIPA Cameroon has been accepted as a member of the Open Wing Alliance. A global coalition with 80 member organizations in 63 countries that works to end the abuse affecting millions of chickens worldwide. The first goal they wish to achieve is eliminating the cruelty of battery cages working on cage-free initiatives.

As a member of OWA, OIPA Cameroon will work to ensure that these caged laying hens are given the natural life they deserve. The team has started educating small scale famers and poultry owners on the welfare of laying hens.

OIPA International is proud of its delegation in Cameroon for this achievement and congrats to OWA for being the voice of chickens worldwide.

Visit OIPA Cameroon’s website 👉 https://oipacm.org/

OWA website 👉 https://openwingalliance.org/