Cambodia is home to around 5 million dogs and an unknown number of cats likely in the millions and higher than the number of dogs. This means, millions of cats and dogs live with loving caretakers, who struggle to survive themselves, or are homeless and in desperate need of human care.

The perception is slowly changing, yet animal welfare is still in its infancy in the Kingdom. To date, Cambodia has very limited animal protection laws, which often leads to suffering and abuse.

In fact, cats and dogs are often considered as a nuisance, food, or property that can be sold. In Cambodia, every year still around 3 million dogs are slaughtered for their meat.

Trying to change and these situations is task that requires a lot of time and patience.

ARC’s work mainly contributes to UN-SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-Being) and UN-SDG 15 (Life on Land). In terms of specific targets, ARC contributes to:

  • Goal 3 (3.8): through rabies vaccinations for free-roaming animals, which also protects humans from this deadly disease
  • Goal 15 (15.8 and 15.c): through humane and sustainable overpopulation control of feral cats and dogs (desexing, vaccinating) and increasing the capacity of local communities

ARC’s mission is to create sustainable animal welfare in Cambodia in accordance with the five international animal welfare needs.

OIPA & ARC are united for a joint goal:

-rescue & protect stray animals through preventative care

-inspire behaviour change through sharing knowledge on animal care

With the generous donations to our campaign “Save a Stray”, OIPA was able to support ARC to desex, vaccinate, and provide basic medical treatment to 8 cats as well as provide advanced medical treatment/surgery to 2 additional cats.

Kitten Brody Survived a Dog Attack 

Kitten Brody’s life was in danger. Kind Pagoda caretakers rescued him after he was horribly bitten by a dog and had a broken leg and a large wound in his abdomen. When Brody arrived at ARC Center, it was almost too late.

ARC team performed emergency surgery to save Brody’s life. ARC senior vet rushed to work on his day off to save this little kitten. Next, Japan Animal Hospital team in Cambodia healed Brody’s broken leg with their special orthopaedic tools and knowledge.

The effort paid off, Brody made it and after only a few weeks, this little kitten has started recovering well.


Homeless cat Simbary was living a tough life. She had severe eye infections requiring surgery to live a happy and healthy life. Besides, the cat was sick with parasites and ringworm.

She was treated and got an eye surgery. Now, she is fine and she has found a safe forever home.

Isn’t it amazing what OIPA and ARC can do TOGETHER?

💟 Supporting our campaign “Save a stray” you can help us assist and provide food and care to many homeless animals around the world 💟