Following an inspection carried out by OIPA Italy’s animal control officers in Udine in cooperation with the local vet department, a little ten years old dog has been saved from a life probably spent entirely confined.

Laika was found in a small cage 1×2 mt, full of sawdust and excrements and a couple of dirty rags used for bedding. She was not microchipped and presumably never visited by a veterinarian.

When OIPA’s volunteers asked the owners why they were keeping their dog in that condition, they coldly replied: “We’re waiting for her to die, she’s already ten years old”.

A sweet senior dog considered worse than a useless object by those who were supposed to love and take care of her in the most sensitive period of her life.

After being taken away from her owners who have been heavily sanctioned, Laika was visited in a vet clinic resulting underweight and with a presumed breast tumour mass that has to be kept under control.

🥰 However, this story has a happy ending! 🥰

Thanks to OIPA’s animal control officers, Laika has now a new family totally in love with her and able to give her care, love and attention for the rest of her life. She has settled in great and she’s also found a new little friend, named Trudy, to spend the time with.

Her life has changed completely and after years of imprisonment she finally has the life she deserves .

Good life Laika!