Every season of the year is extremely difficult for an animal who has no home, but spring and summer are tough also for volunteers who have to deal with unwanted litters, new births and the rescue of abandoned pets. The lack of sterilization activity of owners and local municipalities does increase substantially the already huge number of stray dogs roaming on the territory.

This is a scenario we are used to see in many countries and Turkey is not an exception. There, OIPA’s volunteers struggle to assist the great number of dogs located in Kurtköy area (Istanbul) with the few resources available. Dogs that, despite being registered, are left all alone trying to survive with food and water provided solely by volunteers, who do not only feed animals but handle emergency of any kind every single day.

Volunteers have to vaccinate puppies, spay and neuter adults and young dogs, apply flea & tick treatments, give local therapies and rescue sick and wounded animals that would hardly survive without being transferred to a clinic for examination, care and medication. All is done with donations and paying at their own costs.

Like a recent case of a German shepherd barely able to stand on its own legs found abandoned or another dog with a bulge on the head and a female full of mange.

OIPA Turkey need your support to buy food, flea and tick treatments, pay vaccinations, sterilizations and vet care for dogs that otherwise wouldn’t have even an acceptable life.

A little help can really save a life

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Thanks to the project “Save a Stray”, OIPA was able to purchase 800 kgs of dry and wet food for adult dogs and puppies and some anti fleas and ticks pipes for a total amount of 1000€