Pakistan is the fifth most populated nation in the world and the recent floods have had a devastating impact on 33 million people, killing nearly 2,000 humans and 750,000-farmed animals, destroying over 2 million homes, ruining the half of cotton crops, and causing $40 billion worth losses.

The worst and deadliest floods in Pakistan in recent years, the last dates back to 2010, were caused by heavier than usual monsoon rains and melting glaciers that followed a severe heat wave, all of which are linked to climate change.

Dr. Mamoona Arshad, OIPA Representative for Pakistan – Lahore declares: “One third of the country is currently underwater, livestock and pets face starvation after Pakistan´s floods wipe out food supply. Meanwhile, the rescued animals are now dying due to different diseases and it is difficult to keep them alive without feed. Roads are completely demolished and we don’t have roads access for volunteering to many areas. Volunteers are trying their best to fix the damage, but we hugely need your support. Entire villages are underwater and thousands of animals desperately need food supplies and medical care”

Our representative, who is a veterinarian with experience in the welfare of wild and stray animals, is conducting some activities in aid of flood-affected animals in Lahore, and despite the extreme conditions she works on stray dogs’ rabies vaccination and awareness campaign in high-risk areas.


She recently treated a dog rescued in a serious condition with a large and deep laceration on the salivary glands. She started giving him first aid and stitched the wound edges, and even with limited resources, she managed to save the dog. She also collected some money, donated to the ““University of veterinary and Animal Sciences” for relief activities arranged for the animals on the behalf of the government of Pakistan. She also arranged to collect several medicines for treating different diseases that affected flood victims.

To continue working in this quite unpredictable scenario, our delegation in Lahore needs help in terms of funding and donations.

If you want to help flood-affected animals in Pakistan make a donation or contact directly our representative for more info: