During one of their routine walks, feeding stray dogs in Kurtkoy forest, volunteers came across a scared mum and her litter of ten puppies. Dumped with no mercy in a rural area when they needed warmth and affection most, they would not have survived out in the cold and rain and with no food for the mum.

The mother, clearly unable to live in the forest, was probably kicked out of her house because she was pregnant and to keep her babies safe she dug everywhere to hide and protect them from danger.

Despite the emergencies and the very difficult times volunteers have been going through, they did not feel like leaving this sweet mum and her puppies facing the winter all alone. Rescued from the forest and taken to a warmer and comfortable place, now the sweet mum is fed properly and can nurse her cute puppies safely.

These little ones will soon need specific food, internal and external parasite treatments, and vaccinations, while the mother will be sterilized as soon as possible.

❤️ Volunteers appeal to your good heart and ask for support to cover the expenses ❤️