OIPA Representative in Odisha Shri Biswajit Pradhan, who is also Hon’ble Member State of the Animal Welfare Board of Odisha and Representative of Animal Welfare Board of India, has submitted a request to the Government of Odisha asking to implement the directive of the Supreme Court of India and constitute the state level monitoring committee for the Animal Birth Control programme.

The Animal Birth Control Programme (ABC) involves a process of sterilization to control the population of stray dogs combined with and anti-rabies vaccination to prevent rabies. The Government of India has adopted WHO’s ABC programme by enacting the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001 and carried out amendments in the same in 2010. With this Enactment, the Government has made it mandatory for the local bodies to implement the Animal Birth Control (ABC) Programme to control the street/stray dog population and prevent rabies. For a better ABC programme implementation in the State and for monitoring the programme carried out by local bodies/UBLs, a State level ABC monitoring Committee with coordination between the Animal Husbandry Department and the Urban and Rural Bodies should have to be constituted as per direction of the Supreme Court of India.

Our representative will soon file a case against the State Government as the letter submitted last August has been disregarded.