OIPA Representative in Rajasthan, Mr. Manish Saxena, who is also National Prani Mitra Awardee Advocate, as well as Member of State Animal Welfare Board, Government of Rajasthan; Representative for the Animal Welfare Board of India and Director of WORLD Organization (OIPA’s member league association) has launched the program “Rabies Free Jaipur”.

This program has been born in collaboration with local authorities and organizations: the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), the Department of Animal Husbandry in Rajasthan; the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Jaipur; Government of Rajasthan, Jaipur Municipal Corporation, Government of Rajasthan and WORLD organization.

The objective is to increase community awareness, enhance active participation and capacity building for policymakers, veterinarians, public health workers and educationists about the importance of promoting extensive anti-rabies vaccination of dogs, an effective dog population management, and dog bite preventive measures for long-term healthy and harmonious coexistences with dogs in the society while eliminating human death from Rabies by 2030.

 Mr. Manish Saxena declares: “We firmly believe that community education and participation is vital for Rabies Free Jaipur. We are organizing large number of educational activities comprising of storytelling sessions, educational lectures, and interactive sessions among students, children, youth and community to promote Anti Rabies Vaccination & Dog Bite Preventive Measures for Healthy & Sustainable Coexistence with dogs. We are organizing awareness programs and Capacity Development Programs in schools and community. We are educating children, youth, women and families to adopt correct Dog Bite Preventive Measures. We are promoting behavioural change among children, youth and community for reducing the Dog bite in the high Dog Populated region given people the right competences. We are organizing special awareness programs for parents to take extra care of their children behaviours towards street dogs. India is endemic for rabies that causes 18000-20000 deaths every year. About 30-60% of reported rabies cases and deaths in India occur in children under the age of 15 years. Rabies deaths in human are 100% preventable through prompt and appropriate medical care. We are taking special orientation program for Pet Owners to sensitize for proper care and regular Anti-Rabies Vaccinations of Dogs.”

The Global Alliance for Rabies Control has awarded Advocate Manish Saxena with prestigious World Rabies Day Award 2023 for his extraordinary contributions for awareness and advocacy, community outreach for promoting Anti Rabies Vaccination, Dog Population Management and Dog Bite Preventive Measures with for Zero Rabies in Jaipur by 2030.