Pluto has no voice to tell us the horror he must have known, but his slender, worn out body and torn to the point of disappearing, speaks of a life made of hunger, abandonment, suffering and loneliness.

After wandering for who knows how long, obsessively looking for food and a gentle touch, Pluto collapsed to the ground, so exhausted that he could no longer lift his head. A “waste” of what many still consider an “entertaining sport”. Pluto was reported in terrible conditions to the volunteers of OIPA Italy in Potenza who immediately rushed to his aid.

Visited by a vet, it was clear that the dog has suffered from hunger for a long time also given the very serious state of dehydration and malnutrition in which he was found. The results of the blood tests will assess the presence of any other pathologies.

Yet, despite the privations suffered, Pluto is proving to be a real fighter, a resilient dog with great inner strength and a considerable desire to live. After a few days of recovery, he was eager to walk, despite his weakness, and socialize with his fellows and be grateful to those humans who helped him without hesitation.

With a small donation you can help Pluto to rise from the ashes, just write “OIPA ITALY – Pluto”