From 25th to 27th our Kosovo-Albanian Veterinarians DVM Blendi Bejdoni and DVM Eriola Palla-Bejdoni were treating stray animals for the second time in Shkodra/Albania as volunteers. Only medical supplies and materials had to be paid. Albanian DVM Eriola Palla likes to do from time to time some work for her native land. The action was organised by the local volunteers, namely Oli Pero, from „Animals need me“ and supported by the local veterinarian DVM Rubin Piranaj.

9In two days 50 dogs were treated, some of them injured or sick. Hundreds of dogs are straying in Shkodra, thousands in all municipalities and villages of Albania. There are citizens that care for them and are happy when they are brought back to their territory in Shkodra. That is why the veterinary teams like to work there. Most people of Albania would be very relieved if finally the state would care and resolve the stray dog situation in a humane way. Living in this country is like in other Balkan states very hard for citizens that care for animals or that fear animals.

With this action we want to show once more, that all Albanian municipalities should start a CNVR program. Our team works in Kosovo and can demonstrate, that the CNVR work is very efficient in stopping reproduction of owned and stray dogs, if the political support is there. 

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