Stone, a name that clearly reflects his appearance, was found helpless under a road barrier of a busy street in a village of Italy by a compassionate guy, who didn’t look the other way in front of a suffering animal. Probably dumped there, the dog was not microchipped, he has been called Stone because of his skin looked like stone due to a severe form of mange.

The dog was rescued and taken to the closest veterinary clinic. Terribly skinny, completely covered in fleas and ticks, Stone was in very serious condition when he was hospitalized. Dehydrated, anemic, with a high fever, with two deep wounds that had caused infection, he couldn’t even stand up.

After the hospitalization, OIPA Italy volunteers in Teramo deeply concerned for his fate, decided to welcome the dog in a foster home. Stone was so exhausted to letting himself go. He could barely swallow any food. On a drip day and night, volunteers have been constantly next to him to inspire trust and protection.

Stone weighs only 16 kg, half his ideal weight. He is so skeletal that even his spine is visible and has corneal ulcers. Positive for leishmania and tick-borne disease, he has started the first treatments and will undergo other examinations to verify the state of the heart, liver and kidneys. His gaze is still helpless, devoid of light, with no more strength, but our volunteers have promised him a new life, the healing and all the love he has been missing up to now.

Let us also join this promise, Stone will be reborn and will get back on his feet thanks to the strength of our solidarity, capable of performing real miracles!

He has a long way to go, but thanks to our support, he will make it!