How to remain indifferent passing by a near-death little body who is lying on a street suffering hopelessly?

We often ask ourselves how to, without being able to answer properly, because in front of little creatures like Teo, found dying and unable to stand up, we cannot be cold and detached.

Difficult to understand what Teo went through, maybe he was exhausted and consumed after a life lived as a stray or maybe a heartless family abandoned him when he needed help the most. Teo was in very critical condition when OIPA Italy volunteers of Campofelice, in Palermo took him to the vet clinic.

Skinny, with dirty and scruffy fur, unable to stand up, he was put immediately on a drip. Anaemic, FIV positive and with kidneys compromised, the cat underwent a tooth extraction due to a severe stomatitis.

After being hospitalized for a few weeks, under close monitoring, Teo managed to overcome the most critical phase and was discharged a few days ago. Welcome by a volunteer in a temporary home, he is following a specific diet based on supplements and renal food and is taking medicines for renal insufficiency.

Volunteers ask for your help to cover Teo’s treatment costs.

❤️ We can’t leave him all alone, he has already been a victim of human indifference, with a big chain of solidarity we can help him! ❤️