In a country where the welfare of animals is completely ignored and people refuse to sterilize their pets, it is up to the righteous citizens to provide relief to abandoned and abused animals. OIPA volunteers in Tunisia take care of a high number of stray and abandoned cats and dogs, saving and rescuing one or more animals every day.

Caramel, a 6 months old kitten, was found wondering the streets. He was very skinny and was not able to eat because of an infected wound in his mouth that was infested with maggots. The volunteers do not know what happened to him, but presume he hurt himself in a fight with other stray cats. He was taken to the vet, treated with antibiotics and sterilized. At the moment he is boarded at the vet’s, but he is looking for a great family that would love to watch him grow into a beautiful cat.

Camo and Milla were separated from their mother and abandoned when they were not even one month old. OIPA’s volunteer found them surrounded by trash trapped into a thorny bush. Their rescue was not easy and the vet had to remove many thorns from their tiny bodies (and from the volunteer’s head). Camo, the white boy, and Milla, the brown girl, were both treated for worms and fleas and received standard vaccinations. They also were vaccinated against parvovirus, which is a contagious virus that causes lethargy, vomiting, fever, and diarrhea with a mortality of 91%, as some cases were reported in the area. They were adopted together and now have a new dog friend, who was a former stray.

OIPA Tunisie’s volunteers need your help to cover the expenses for the veterinary treatments and, thanks to your donations, they will save the life of many more cats and dogs in need. Please remember to specify OIPA Tunisie in the purpose.

Please help OIPA Tunisie save the life of more cats in dogs by making a donation; remember to specify OIPA Tunisie in the purpose. Thank you!