The outbreak of war and the state of emergency will also affect Ukrainian animals. OIPA is in contact with the team of KSPA Lucky Strand and Happy Paw, member league associations that operates in Kiev.

Lucky Strand’s volunteers confirm the growing panic in many cities with interruptions of bank operations and long queues in front of stores. They have told us that the situation worsened so fast that they didn’t have the time to stock up on food for their animals and at the moment they don’t even know if they will need additional places to move the animals or even if they could use shelters. Everything depends on what will happen in the next hours, days and even weeks.

People and their animals have started to take shelter in the underground, the only place where it is allowed to keep pets.

Happy Paw‘s volunteers declare: “The foundation’s team is in safe and has moved to remote work. But the main work of the fund – comprehensive assistance to animals in shelters is blocked due to the impossibility of delivery any supply of food or medicine. All our wards’ shelters and animals remain in place because they have no way to evacuate the animals to safety. Therefore, at the moment we are all waiting for at least a minimal clarification of the situation and, if possible, collect information from shelters about their needs and the condition of animals. In order to restore the logical possibility – to help everyone who needs it as soon as possible.”.

Lucky Strand states: “It’s very worrying right now! There are shelling of cities, residential areas! People hide in shelters, parking lots, subways, hide with animals. Vet pharmacies and veterinary clinics do not work. No one waited and did not make a reserve of animals food for a long period. And most importantly at the moment: there is no way to get financial assistance due to the ban on foreign exchange transactions – the decision of the National Bank of Ukraine 24.02.22″.

The fear and panic for what is happening is highly tangible, but several appeals remind people not to abandon their pets but to move with them to safer places.

Oipa International is waiting for further news from other member league associations that operate in the country.

Anyone who wants to help volunteers and animals in Ukraine can get in touch with us and will act as an intermediary with our local associations OR you can contact directly the associations

KSPA Lucky Strand 👉 Website – Facebook – Instagram

Happy Paw 👉 Website – Facebook – Instagram

Sava’s Safe Haven 👉 yesterday volunteers were at Isaccea customs at the Ukraine border to offer help to refugees and their pets (food for both humans and animals, water, supplements, kennels and mats)
КОЗЖ “Счастливый берег” – KSPA Lucky Strand 👉 they’ve been able to transfer pet foothey from L’viv to Kiev with a touristic bus
Happy Paw 👉 more than 40 shelters/associations in Ukraine have been helped thanks to the great solidarity chain.
Приют для Животных ‘Бест френдс’ – Best Friends Shelter 👉 03.03.2022 A new attack!! This time some puppies and young animals died. Volunteers went in the morning to feed the animals, but now it’s not possoble to go there 😔 02.03.2022 after the attack at the shelter people and animals (dogs and cats) were safe. They were all released on time from their cages before the fire started burning, but some of them for the extreme fear run out in the area under attacked. Doors, windows were smashed and many kennels burned.
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