Our International Representative in Islamabad, Dr. Sohaib Ahmed is a young veterinarian who works in a clinic and treats stray animals for free during his spare time. Residents call him when they see injured or poisoned animals on streets knowing that he will try to reach and treat them as early as possible to save their lives.

Recently he has begun a vaccination drive for strays starting from eight 3-month-old puppies living next to his street. Thanks to the donations of kind-hearted friends, relatives and neighbours core and rabies vaccines have been bought and dogs finally received their 1st shot. Furthermore, a very gentle neighbour offered his home backyard space to keep the puppies for 21 days to complete safely their 2nd shot vaccination and deworming procedure.

To reduce rabies cases and the spreading of diseases the only effective way is a vaccination drive for stray and owned animals, which is one of the main project of our delegation in Islamabad.