Before they become Sunday’s centerpiece, animals on factory farms are denied everything that God designed them to want and do. They never breathe fresh air, play with other animals, or do anything to live out the biblical concept that “God’s mercy is over all His creatures”.

Easter is also no celebration for hens on egg farms, who suffer constant confinement to tiny, filthy wire cages. Male chicks are killed – often through suffocation – since they don’t produce eggs, and female chicks have their beaks painfully seared off to keep them from pecking one another.

At the end of their short, miserable lives, these animals are crammed into trucks, with little protection from the elements, to suffer the ultimate terror of the slaughterhouse, where workers kill them.

More than 40 million turkeys are killed each year at Thanksgiving, more than 20 million are slaughtered at Christmas, and another 19 million die for Easter dinners (“Minnesota Leads Nation in Turkey Production,” Paynesville Press, 21 Nov. 2001).

A vegetarian diet is good for your health and spares animals unimaginable suffering and violence.

Happy Vegan Easter!