OIPA India representative Naresh Kadyan has presented a formal grievance to the Panchyati Raj Institutions, on a very pressing issue: the rising water pollution levels in the state of Haryana.

The problem has its source in the massive amount of polyethylene and plastics waste that is spoiling the water bodies, thus causing sewer chokes and creating hurdles in the drainage flow. Pollution is also the key reason why the oxygen level (commonly used as an indicator of water quality) is going down rapidly. Maintaining adequate concentrations of oxygen in water is of prime importance for supporting fish, invertebrates and other aquatic life.

Water pollution is also posing a real threat to the health of domestic animals, which are consuming unhygienic water with the risk of developing illnesses and epidemics.

water catchment of Titoli village in Rohtak, Haryana

Aware that this situation needs immediate attention, OIPA India has alerted the institutions of Haryana asking them to tackle the issue and ensure healthy water catchments.

Specifically, OIPA India calls for:

Water and air quality testing near the hydrogeological basins of Haryana and creation of a status report on these water bodies;

Stronger Panchyati Raj institutions measures to prohibit the production, possession, trading and use of polyethylene;

And the introduction of responsible solid waste management and the improvement of plastics recycling systems.