Zira was found roaming around the district of Zira in Baku (Azerbaijan) looking for food, that’s why they gave her this name. Some good-hearted people fed her but after having noticed a huge mass under her belly, they immediately contacted our representative asking for help, not knowing what to do and how to assist the dog. Our OIPA representative, without thinking too much, rushed to verify Zira’s condition and decided to take her to a vet clinic for urgent medical screening.

The result of the ultrasound scan, the x-ray exam and the blood test has showed a tumour with no metastasis and confirmed that no other organs have been fortunately affected. Kidneys, bladder and liver have been found in good conditions. Zira’s tumour could be removed with a surgery and the problem solved.

Zira is now under medical therapy to treat a severe anemia, but she has good appetite and she feels generally well. The therapy will last a month, after that, if completely recovered, the tumour will be finally excised.

Today, she’s going to have a second blood test and a second X-ray with barium.

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