A devastating tragedy occurred in Al Falah area of Abu Dhabi, a few days ago. Rescuers uncovered a horrific scene of over 100 cats and some dogs who had been cruelly dumped in the desert (close to renowned Falcon Hospital) and left to die in scorching temperatures without food, water and shelter from the heat.

Rescuers in tears found approximately 60 (however they can be much more) dead bodies in different stages of decomposition that were lying on the sand or just beneath the surface. Animals have died enduring unimaginable and unacceptable suffering. Other 92 cats and a dog were luckily found alive but in critical conditions. All very weak and dehydrated they have been transferred to vet clinics for health care.

To worsen the cruelty against these animals, rescuers have reported a disturbing fact. Almost all of the cats had been microchipped and had been neutered, some of them not even two weeks earlier as surgical stiches were clearly visible and some others still inside carriers.

Presumably, these cats had been taken to Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital for TNR programs but there are no evidence (at the moment) whether they had been dumped there intentionally and by whom.

Sentence innocent animals to death in such a tremendous way is ethically unacceptable.

While collecting additional info and evidence, we need your cooperation to spread awareness! We shouldn’t forget that the cruel and inhumane practice of dumping animals in the desert is a systematic method of animal population control carried out in the UAE.



Following the outrageous act of cruelty perpetrated against hundred animals in Al Falah area, we are glad to read on the news and the official website that the Abu Dhabi’s Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT), in collaboration with other relevant authorities, has condemned the episode and has taken action launching a prompt investigation. They also called on the public to report any abuse or neglect that exposes animals to danger by contacting 800 555.

We truly hope investigation will continue and the issue will be taken into high regard.

We take the occasion to thanks independent rescuers who rushed on site to save survivors and veterinarians who gave first aid and are now providing medical care. However, we shouldn’t forget all local and international animal lovers and activists who made the news went viral.



OIPA writes an open letter to His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan  to express deep concern about the recent horrific case of animal cruelty discovered in the Al Falah area of Abu Dhabi and asking to supervise the investigation (Open letter_OIPA_October 2023)