Have you ever tried the feeling of being sick and in need of care but everybody keep passing by without even looking at you? That’s for sure a terrible sensation, but this is what stray animals are forced to bear! Some of them will not survive, but some others will be so lucky to find a rescuer on their way. Belik was one of them.

Our volunteer in Azerbaijan found him in very bad condition: weak, underweight, full of fungus and with a severe respiratory infection. Two vets did not understand what was wrong with him, but the third was able to find the reason. Belik was tested for FHV (Feline Herpes Virus), but he resulted positive for FCV (Feline Calici Virus), one of the most common viral pathogens of cats. This virus is highly contagious and can cause from mild to severe respiratory infection and oral disease, which was the case of Belik.


First symptoms look like a cold with sneezing, nasal congestion, fever, sometimes drooling and a large amount of discharge coming from eyes and nose. In the worst cases, cats can also develop inflammation and ulcers on the tongue and the lining of the mouth but also lethargy, mild lameness and lack of appetite.

Belik has been under treatment for a long period. At the vet facility, he received daily care such as antibiotics, vitamins, drops and gel for eyes in order to reduce and slowly heal the infection.

Now, he seems a “brand-new” cat! He is getting better and has appetite. He’s just treated with drops, eye gel and an antifungal cream. He will stay some more time at the care facility until his full recovery.

❤️ If you want to support the medical care and treatment for Belik, you can make a donation writing “Belik – OIPA Azerbaijan” ❤️