OIPA campaign DON’T SHOP, ADOPT! is a wonderful opportunity to rethink one of the most horrible traditions Italy, but all the world together with it, has: to buy and give away puppies as Christmas gifts.

Every year, all over the world, particularly in this Christmas period, thousands and thousands of animals, dogs, cats, but even bunnies, goldfishes and hamsters, are sold to become the novelty of children. This tradition is always accompanied by superficiality and lack of information, which, within a few months, translates “the gift” in an intolerable economic (and not just it) burden. And usually, this means abandonment. (Learn more: https://www.oipa.org/international/abandonment/)

Even just thinking of buying an animal for Christmas is wrong: would you choose a friend or the partner in a catalogue? Dogs and cats, and all the animals!, are life companions and what binds them to us is not based on aesthetics, but on knowledge, respect, love and pleasure of being together… things that come as time passes.


The problem of buying animals is not related only to Christmas, but surely it is accentuated by the general state of joy this period carries with it.

One of the principal reasons not to buy animals is due to the simplest rule of the economy: higher demand means higher price of the offer. Higher price means that criminal organisation are more and more interested in the production, marketing and sale of puppies of all breeds. Different investigations have already discovered how “the puppies market” works: puppy trade from Eastern Europe is increasing, thanks to the treaties, as well as the national disinterest and lack of legislation among States. Indeed, criminal organizations uses the Schengen area to transport puppies from production countries (the Eastern ones, such as Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia) to distribution countries (like Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands). In these latter States, puppies are sold with a price that is around € 700 / €1200, depending on the breed. These dogs have always many physical and psychological problems, caused by the general conditions in which are bred, by the fact of being weaned in wrong ways and being taken from the mother months before they have acquired all the necessary to survive (antibodies, the appropriate conduct and so on…). Almost in every case, these dogs have behavioral problems.

Many think that buying a puppy, particularly if it is in bad physical conditions is the right thing: to give him the chance of survive. That is incorrect: the major part of these dogs are already sentenced. The chances of survival are very low… Therefore, it is ALWAYS wrong to buy these animals, because in this way we increase their criminal business, we increase their desire to gain more money and we condemn other dogs to undergo the heinous sufferance we try to eradicate. To save these animals is better to report their situation to the police or to animal welfare organizations, so that they can proceed with the seizure.

Another reason is the fullness of kennels. These places are always full of dogs and cats looking for a definitive family with whom spend the rest of their life. Animals that have suffered loneliness and abandonment and desires a forever family are the most lovely and thankful companions of life. Moreover, cats and dogs from kennels are healthier animals, because they have been cured since their entrance, while puppies from the East Europe are always sick, even if they look wholesome.

oipa-seized-puppiesThird, animals are sentient beings and therefore must not be bought. Would you like to be sold like an object or like the slaves of the 19th century?

Last but not the least… adopt a life companions is not a joke. It involves a series of responsibilities that can be compared with having a child. From that moment on, and for the rest of his days, a life needs you to for almost everything: from nutrition to the daily walks, from fun and game to the huge weight of supporting him in sickness…

Are you ready for this economic and emotional involvement? If you do, your non-human life partner awaits for you… go find him, and no “Merry Christmas”, but merry life with the priceless and most wonderful love you could ever think and enjoy.