The emergency for animals continues especially since when European countries, Italy included, have blocked the entry of stray and shelters’ animals coming from Ukraine. Animals who are trying to survive in a country severely affected by war and that are constantly in need of food, care and assistance.

The 20 tons of humanitarian aid arrived in Kyiv about ten days ago with the ceaseless logistical support of our Polish member league Fundacja Odin have been all finally distributed across the country thanks to the tireless work of our local member associations Happy Paw and KSPA Lucky Strand.

Wet and dry food for adult dogs and cats, specific food for puppies, litter boxes, litter, pet carriers, bowls, leashes, snacks, probiotics, multivitamins, anti-ticks and flea, gauze, syringes, toys reached many four-legged friends in need of help. All supply was shared amongst different shelters in the country as well as to other associations and volunteers and to ordinary citizens left without food for their pets.

Where did your help go to?

Lucky Strand distributed 8 tons of humanitarian aid to: 💙 volunteers of “Free Animals” project who delivered 2 tons in Gostomel 💙 volunteers’ hub “Humanitarian forces of Ukraine” for delivery to Bucha, Irpin and Rakov 💙 “Ursa Fundation” for the kennel club and border troops in Kyiv region 💙 some mini-shelters in Vasilkov 💙 shelter “Gaia” in Kyiv 💙 pets and strays in Vorzel 💙 mini-shelter in Boyarka 💙 some mini-shelters for cats in Kyiv 💙 volunteers of Lucky Strand 💙 animals of Konotop and Shostka (Sumy region) 💙 pets and strays in Chernihiv 💙 many vet drugs and pet products delivered to the Kyiv city clinic and temporary animal shelter in Kyiv

Happy Paw allocated 12 tons of food and material to: 💛 shelter “Chance for Life” (300 animals) and volunteers in Nikopol 💛 shelter in Kryvyi Rih (100 animals) 💛 mini shelter in Kyiv (20 animals) 💛 volunteers in Kozin 💛 shelter Klubochek in Mykolaiv (200 animals) 💛 shelter “9 lives” in Kyiv (80 animals) 💛 shelter “Koshkin House” and abandoned animals of the village Katyuzhanka (160 animals) 💛 Shelter “Zooplatform” in Boryspil district (120 animals) 💛 shelter “Cat Kingdom” in Kyiv (50 animals) 💛 shelter “Domovenko” in Kyiv (220 animals) 💛 shelter “House for animals” in Khodosiivka (100 animals) 💛 shelter “Best Friends” in Makariv district (600 animals) 💛 Gostomel shelter (600 animals) 💛 Shelter “Matilda” (300 animals) 💛 volunteers and home shelter Volchonok Tatiana (80 animals + feeds the street in the liberated cities) 💛 Kennel Center in Mezhyhirya (80 animals) 💛 volunteers in Browary 💛 organization “Zoopatrol” in Kyiv and volunteers of other liberated cities in Kyiv region 💛 shelter “Manana” in Kyiv region 💛 volunteers of Makariv region, Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel as well as service dogs of Gostomel 💛 shelter “Cats who need a home”in Kyiv (100 animals)

A considerable and incessant work of cooperation and solidarity for animals among countries and associations. Furthermore, OIPA International keeps providing to its local member leagues the list of help requests received in a way that humanitarian aid will continue to be distributed more widely and no animals will be left alone.

Soon a new truck full of aid will reach again all our beloved friends in Ukraine

💙💛 If you continue to support our campaign “Emergency Ukraine” we can keep providing help 💙💛