The outbreak of a war is not just a gruesome act, but it has devastating consequences in the short and long term not only for humans, but also for animals, and this aspect is often hardly mentioned.

However, this time was different. From the first day after the conflict’s outbreak, we have all seen touching images and videos of people and families who, fleeing away in despair, did not hesitate even a single second in taking their pets with them.

OIPA International did not want to stand by the sidelines in this emergency. We immediately got in touch with some of our member-league associations placed in Ukraine, including the associations Happy Paw and KSPA Lucky Strand in Kiev, in order to receive incessant and daily information about the situation and to understand in details the kind of help the large number of animals within the country, unable to be evacuated needed most. Volunteers have never wanted to abandon animals they have always taken care of, despite risking their own lives and albeit with reduced food resources and limited essential goods.

Furthermore, OIPA is in touch with its member league associations and partners in the neighbouring countries that are offering support to all refugees and families who flee outside Ukraine with their pets.

Through the fundraising campaign “EMERGENCY UKRAINE”, OIPA is trying to concretely support local and neighbouring associations that, in the midst of war and in an increasingly difficult context, are working round the clock to save and assist animals.

Thanks to your great support, OIPA is organizing together with its Polish member league Fundacja Odin transports of food, accessories, medical equipment inside Ukraine, aids that are distributing among associations, shelters and volunteers in need.

We have already managed to send monetary donations, food, transport cages and other useful material (coats, leashes, harnesses) also to some of our member leagues in neighbouring countries, such as Sava’s Safe Haven and Casa Lui Patrocle in Romania and VIVA!Poland in Poland.

🇺🇦 All together, we can give hope to Ukranian animals involved in the war 🇺🇦

The situation in Ukraine



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