New Zealand is one of seven countries where commercial dog racing is still allowed. The first dog track opened here in 1934 and despite seven tracks recently have closed, 11 yet remain active.

Greyhound racing in New Zealand is governed by the New Zealand Racing Board, a government body formed in 2003 under the Racing Act. The Racing Board reports to the New Zealand Minister of Racing. The New Zealand Greyhound Racing Association, also known as Greyhound Racing New Zealand (GRNZ), is the organization that represents the greyhound racing industry and organizes its activities. GRNZ is one of the three racing codes that the New Zealand Racing Board oversees, in addition to the harness and thoroughbred racing organizations.

Greyhounds in New Zealand are both bred in-country and imported from Australia. There are ten breeding kennels in New Zealand.

Last Fall, our member league GREY2K USA Worldwide worked with FarmWatch and the Greyhound Protection League of New Zealand to get the first look at these dogs. Their undercover investigation of a major New Zealand racing kennel revealed the sad truth that greyhounds endure lives of confinement and many exhibit neurotic behaviors. When investigators approached them, some dogs tried to push their heads right out of their cages to be petted. This is how desperate for attention these poor dogs are. (Watch the video )

Wagering on greyhound races is legal in New Zealand. Bets can be placed at the track and through off-site betting. According to the Greyhound Racing New Zealand’s own reports, 34 dogs died of race-day injuries during the 2019/2020 season. An additional 165 were destroyed for reasons that the industry will never disclose. So far, 10 dogs have been killed in 2021 and 414 injured.



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