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Thanks to your donations, Ettore did specific medical exhams. Unfortunately it is not yet clear what causes his problems. OIPA volunteers are always by his side, supporting him while we find out how to treat him.


Ettore’s frustration can only be imagined, because the debasement in seeing other dogs running, without being able to do the same has to be immeasurable.

Ettore, young Cyrene hosted by Genoa’s eco-zoophile Guards, tries and tries again with all his strength, to walk on all fours, but after few steps, he is forced to surrender.

It is not yet clear the reasons for which this just two-year-old dog is in these conditions, but by a first determination it seems that he is not able to stretch the front legs due to a contraction of the nerves that prevents him to assume a correct posture so as to normally move the limbs.

Ettore has adapted in his way to this condition, so much that has developed a “little kangaroo style” gait, thanks to the muscle force developed on the hind legs, but it is clear that he needs help.

His movements are very limited and, although his great desire to live a normal life, OIPA’s volunteers would investigate with an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) the cause of his paralysis, in order to evaluate an intervention to help to regain its autonomy.

To address the cost of the TAC and the advice of a specialist, OIPA’s blue angels ask for everybody’s support. Even many small donations will help Ettore to realize the dream that until now has remained an unattainable mirage.
If you would like to help the volunteers taking care of Ettore donate here:

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