Left to die in front of the cemetery of a small town in province of Teramo (Italy), a mum with four puppies have been rescued by OIPA’s volunteers rushed on site following the report of some people who heard whimpers coming from a closed carton box.

Volunteers took them immediately to the vet to check their health conditions. One of the puppy is still hospitalized in guarded prognosis as her medical conditions are very critical, but her mum and the other siblings are not better and they need medical care.

Athena, the puppy in more serious conditions, was dehydrated, anaemic and full of parasites but, fortunately the result of the parvovirus test was negative, unlike one of the siblings, Pulce, who found almost lifeless away from the litter, thrown in a private property, had to fight against this monster.

Moreover, the other little ones, baptized Daphne and Goliath, are thin and full of worms and in need of care.

Unfortunately, the litters reported in the last period are too many and blocked with banquets and charity events due to the restrictions for the covid-19, the volunteers of OIPA Italy in Teramo struggle in finding the necessary resources to care for and feed the many animals rescued on the territory.

Even a small help can guarantee these puppies the care they need and, once healed, the opportunity to find for them a family forever.

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