Last week OIPA sent a new donation to its fantastic member league Sava’s Safe Haven, which still operates round the clock at the border of Ukraine providing help and supporting animals and people who are fleeing from war. Many refugees are still trying to save their lives crossing borders, especially people from Izmail, Odessa and areas now under attack.

Alex declared: “It’s a terrible situation here and people start to come again in a very big number!”

Sava’s is actually working at the border with a local team of vets “Anim All Delta” preparing pet passports, making vaccinations, microchips and providing food and supplies to refugees and their pets but also they deliver aid inside Ukraine carrying on some rescue operations when and where possible.

Recently, they have helped 14 dogs and 2 cats from Ukraine who finally found a safe shelter in Romania and last Saturday 5 more cats were rescued and quarantined in Sava’s shelter until they will be ready to find new homes.

During this mission Sava’s has delivered to local volunteers small and medium crates, food, supplies (bowls, harnesses, collars) and medicine (nutrients, vitamins, anti-fleas and ticks, tests) purchased with our donation.

This was possible only thanks to your constant support to our campaign “Emergency Ukraine”!

We still need your support because helping us we can continue to help them!

What has been done by Sava’s with our previous donation of 15,000€?

💙 2 Emergency units of quarantine;

💙 Equipment for quarantine such as big crates and blankets

💙 Medications and consultations (vet care, parasite controls for shelter from Odessa and SNAP tests)

💙 Aid direct on border (food, pet carriers, bowls, harnesses)

💙 Humanitarian aid to Ukraine’s seniors that owns animals and shelters (dry food for dogs and cats in Izmail, Odessa and Nykolaev)