Many animals wouldn’t have the chance to survive without the precious aid of volunteers that every single day are on site to rescue those injured and neglected and look after them.

On the French island of Corse, the situation of stray cats is very critical. Their number increases exponentially as consequence of the many litters abandoned. This is due to the lack of sterilization activities. Sterilizations that are not carried out, not just by local institutions but also by pet owners. OIPA volunteers put all their efforts and money to guarantee those cats all they need. The only precious help they receive comes from donations of animal lovers.

Thanks to your help this time, OIPA Corse had the chance to sterilize some of the roaming cats they feed and care and rush to the vet for saving Penelope’s life.

Penelope was found suffering with a deep wound on the neck probably caused by a dog’s bite. The neck was swollen and the injury infected, but with an emergency surgery and treatment post-surgery, this beauty is now slowly recovering.

In addition, volunteers recently rescued two kittens of few days that were abandoned inside a carton box. The female was unfortunately unable to pass the night while her little brother, just 220 gr when he was rescued, started to drink from the baby bottle being able to survive and reaching after few weeks more than 700 gr. Pulce (Flea) is now able to eat all alone. He’s very active, he likes playing and being petted and the best news is that he has been recently adopted!

All this wouldn’t be possible without your help! The life of many animals is saved thanks to the good-heartedness of animal lovers.

You can continue to support the activities of OIPA Corse and save the life of many other cats.