We are often completely unaware of what happens daily to animals in many realities and mainly because no one tells us anything about them. However, when we get into the truth, we notice that the list of countries where stray dogs and cats have no right to live even a decent life or are treated with no respect and most of the time killed, is getting longer.

Abused and mistreated using the worst cruel and brutal methods, strays are not considered as sentient beings who feel pain and suffering, but just an “annoying problem” to eliminate in the worst way.

Left to die by hunger and thirst and abandoned in the desert of Dubai. Shot and poisoned in the streets of Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Caught to be spayed and neutered, but then never again released as happens in Albania. Neglected, hungry, wounded and sick in the desolate areas of Syria and Iran. Forgotten in the forests of Turkey. Rejected by local institutions and discarded by citizens in many other countries.

In the light of the facts and considering the help requests received from many of our delegations and member league associations, we have finally decided to reveal one by one the truth of these terrible realities that, despite being cruel and extremely painful to face, have to be known internationally. That’s the only way we will all be able to give a voice to dogs and cats that, invisible to the eyes of people, continue to suffer every day.

Animal protection laws and regulations in these countries are inadequate and in many cases do not even exist, furthermore there is a huge lack of educational and awareness campaigns addressed to local communities that should be incremented to lower the highly spread and common feeling of mistrust, fear, indifference and hostility towards strays.

OIPA International has therefore decided to launch a project aimed at helping dogs and cats that in all these countries have no chance.

Stray animals are forced to live in deplorable conditions and for those survived to the mass killings, which take place by shooting, poisoning, mistreating and letting them to starve, there are not many other possibilities to hope for a better life.

Stray cats and dogs are often sick, injured, affected by serious disabilities and pathologies, undernourished and forced to live in the worst weather conditions with not even a safe place where to shelter and get some rest.

Local associations and volunteers are trying their best to help animals in need, but all alone, they cannot offer care and protection to the extremely high number of stray animals in their countries.

OIPA International now wants to give these animals a tangible help.

Your support to the project “SAVE A STRAY” will contribute to collect donations for buying food and start providing help for veterinary care, medicines, sterilizations and vaccinations. This is until a radical change in local culture, approach and laws for protecting animals will not be implemented in those countries.

Make a promise! Don’t leave them alone! Don’t leave their help request unheard again.

❤ Help us  “Save a Stray” ❤