Since Cameroon registered the first case of COVID-19, many animals have been abandoned by their owners because of the lack of money to provide them proper health care and food and the unjustified fear to represent a vector of disease. During this pandemic, the number of stray dogs and cats has doubled and most of them have not been vaccinated against rabies or received any kind of medical treatment even if needed. It is a very tough moment for animals that totally neglected by their families and government have to fend for themselves as no one is there to feed and care for them.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, OIPA Cameroon launched the first mobile veterinary clinic in the country to help animals in need and provide free health care such as rabies vaccines and food to strays and owned dogs and cats especially in rural communities in the North West Region of Cameroon where families cannot guarantee the best to their animals. Our delegation also works on educating communities on the importance of ensuring animal welfare and encouraging them to care for animals during the difficult moments.

The team of OIPA Cameroon due to a severe increase in abandons and the pandemic, is struggling to help all animals in need and guarantee them the proper treatments as funds are lowering down and volunteers cannot be involved because of the covid restrictions.

At the moment there are 166 dogs on the streets with no food and medical care that need to be saved.

You can contribute with a donation that will be used to buy medicines, surgical instruments, food and vaccines.

Your help can save a life!