Rabies is one of the biggest global zoonotic diseases today and still responsible for 60,000 deaths annually. Malawi, one of the poorest countries in Africa still loses astronomical resources in addressing the impact on public health and other related costs.

Through partnerships with the private sector, the government measures to control the disease take the form of national rabies vaccination campaigns. Animal Welfare League Trust was involved with the Blantyre SPCA-Mission Rabies Campaign in Blantyre, where 10.000 dogs were vaccinated in just one week.

The association Country Director, Mr. Ssuna, said “I’m glad to have been part of this partnership and I believe as much as rabies is campaigns maybe greatly driven by the need to protect the people, a dog population free from rabies will be better received in society and certainly their welfare will be greatly improved”.

“It is from that point that I hope that All Creatures can continue sourcing support to extend this very necessary community service. I would very much like to applaud all the donors that have made the commitment to support Malawi”.

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