Last December, while driving back to her house, our OIPA representative in Montenegro noticed at the side of the road a young Malinois with a broken leg and starving.

Abandoned as now ‘imperfect’ and thrown out on a street between Niksic and Brezna, the poor dog was destined to die a slow and painful death caused by hunger and the infection of his leg, if left with no assistance.

Not even a couple of days after, our representative managed to catch him and immediately rushed to the nearest veterinary clinic trying to save his life. Even though in pain, Anubis’s gratitude could be seen and felt. He probably never knew such loving care from a human before. Few weeks of fostering, changing bandages and medication to the leg, relaxing farm environment, he was doing much better and healing well, but as a second veterinary diagnosed later the severe limb injury had caused a serious internal damage and sadly leg had to be amputated not to have further complications.

Operated on 16th January, a day of heavy snow that made the one-hour journey to the clinic extremely difficult, Anubis started hopping around, happy, already on the next day. Despite such serious surgery, he felt immediately relieved from suffering and pain he had for such a long time. Anubis was dewormed, vaccinated and has been recently neutered.

The surgery was perfectly performed by doctor and team of Veterinarska Ambulanta Gorasevic, who supported our representative wonderfully in terms of communication, advise, service, and after operation care.

This gorgeous dog is healing and recovering well and is stronger and happier each day. Now he can have a new start in a loving family. Dogs can move and live very well on 3 legs, they can even jump, especially such strong and young Malinois. Anubis is simply wonderful! He is brave, very positive, and agile and always seeking lots of cuddles, love, play and belly rubs!