Episodes of abandonment, neglect and mistreatment of hunting dogs have been widely reported. These dogs spend their lives prisoners in kennels being “released” only during hunting trips for a few hours. Many of them will never experience the comfort of a warm house or the sweet caress of a loving family.

Exploited to the point of exceeding their limits, they are abandoned by owners without emotions or left to themselves trying to survive in unhealthy environment and horrific conditions, when no more useful for their “work”.

More and more people have been reporting abuses on hunting dogs, like the recent case of Giuly and Nanny, two female Breton dogs, set free from suffering by our OIPA animal control officers in Modena, Italy.

Useless for hunting, they had been permanently locked inside a chicken enclosure (2,2 mt x 1,6 mt), forced to live in precarious conditions breathing the sickening smell of their excrement, walking on a floor covered with faeces and urine, and drinking standing water from a bowl full of algae.

The two dogs, aged 6 and 10 years, have never been out for a walk or taken to a veterinary clinic for a regular check-up and their only refugee and shelter from the bad weather was a wooden cube roughly opened on one side with no protection: no pet beds, no blankets, and no towels.

Our animal control guards in Modena, Italy, who had uncovered the conditions of detention, were able to persuade the hunter to give up the dogs. Giuly and Nanny, not sterilized, have been exploited for hunting and probably for breeding, as found suffering of mastitis, for years.

Set free, examined by a veterinarian and welcomed to the municipal shelter, Giuly and Nanny will need some times to recover and forget their bad experience.

We don’t have doubts…A warm-hearted family will call for adopting these two princesses.

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