In a Country afflicted by a heinous civil war, not only humans suffered tremendously but also animals and the environment were seriously affected. During the post-war reconstruction phase, animals went through terrible suffering. Strays have been exposed to violence and inhumane measures and mass killed by local authorities instead of being saved and preserved, all this in order to reduce the overpopulation.

As first non-governmental organization specialized in animal protection in the Northeast of the country, Lawir for Animal has been able to stop the mass killing of strays, proposing and discussing with the authorities alternative and respectable solutions to solve the problem of the overpopulation in the region.

They put forward a project to establish a shelter for stray animals that was approved by the municipality of Qamishli and now the association is on site starts constructing walls and organizing the different sections of the shelter, as they want to include a free operating room as well.

To realize a safe place for all the rescued strays and guarantee them a better future, Lawir needs great support from all animal lovers to successfully continue the project.

Thanks to a specialized team of doctors and volunteers, the association also offers free veterinary services in rural villages far from the cities where people in distress cannot guarantee the proper care to their domestic animals. It is working hard in spreading awareness on animal welfare in local communities, especially through children education, and seeks to issue a law on animal protection.

If you want to support the construction of the shelter in Qamishli, or help the association to buy veterinary surgical tools, medicine or food for the strays that are left behind, make a donation specifying only “Lawir for Animal Protection”.

Even a small contribution can save a life!