The day when Ultimo was rescued by OIPA volunteers in Italy, it must have been the last day of suffering for this sweet little dog of about 5/6 years. He was initially confused for an elderly dog, so pitiful was the state in which they found him.

Ultimo dripped blood from his ears and had difficulty walking. Thin, bare and full of small bloody lesions all over his body, he was “dumped” just when he would have needed more help and ignored by those who deprived him of care and assistance.

Ultimo was found to be underweight, full of internal parasites of all kinds and suffering from mange, leishmaniasis and rickettsiosis, following some health checks. Fostered by some volunteers, he is now undergoing targeted therapies. Ultimo is regaining weight and his mood is getting better, so much that now when he sees the volunteers he starts to hint at some shy smile and wagging his tail.

Ultimo has probably never known the beauty of a caress or a sweet word. OIPA volunteers are taking care of his emotional and physical wounds and they have made him a promise: “You will shine and be healthy again, sweet little dog”. 

❤️🐶We all wish what you truly deserve in life: the best! ❤️🐶