OIPA’s member league Voice of Animal Nepal has started to promote an awareness programme on topic “Rabies and its impact to the Human Bodies” in the schools of Tarai Areas’ villages to teach children how to behave properly with animals, especially street dogs, not just to avoid bites, but also to live pacifically with them and treat them with respect. Due to lack of education, information and awareness lot of children and adults are afraid of dogs because they are afraid of being bitten and contract a disease. The association provided information about rabies and clearly explained that despite this disease can be a fatal, taking preventative measures like Anti Rabies vaccination to street and abandoned dogs, can guarantee communities’ safety and public health.

VOAN concluded their ABC (Animal Birth Control) programme in Ward no 2 of Suryavinayak Municipality (Bhaktapur district) last month, however there is still a lot of job to do. Stray animals in all remaining wards are yet waiting to be spayed/neutered, but volunteers do not have enough funds.

Unfortunately, if they do not sterilize as soon as possible new puppies will be born and the number of strays will increase again. A spay/neuter programme is the only ethical method to control the population of street animals and avoid further abandonment.