The slaughter of cats and dogs in Dubai does not stop: the regulations in force are still unchanged despite the international mobilization.

Therefore, it continues to be forbidden to feed strays and rescue groups and associations can no longer operate since their permits have been suspended. Poisoning has been also added to this cruel and agonizing method of killing.

OIPA International has launched not only an online petition that has exceeded 14,000 signatures worldwide, but from September until today we wrote open letters to Dubai Municipality, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE), the Community Development Authority (CDA) and all pest controls companies authorized by the DM. We also presented our concern to the sheik Hamdan Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum and the Secretariat of the Minister Reem Al Hashimy – general manager of Expo Dubai – to whom we reiterated that the organization of the event could not be accomplice of this terrible crime.

If the massacre will not stop, the city of Dubai, now known as one of the greatest symbol of global modernity, progress, innovation, opportunity, multi-ethnic and multicultural environment, will be remembered in the future as the place of death of thousands of innocent beings.

Dubai Expo’s theme, which will begin on October 1, 2021, is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” and we truly believe that the future must be based on celebrate the respect of all living beings. The event could be a unique and unrepeatable opportunity for Dubai to inspire many other cities and Countries on the theme of animals’ respect and protection.

We are still waiting a response to the request of stopping immediately the slaughter of strays, but no one seems to listen or wants to take responsibility.

The local Expo Press Office replied by addressing us to the Dubai Municipality Press Office but to the present date, we have not received any response from the municipality, while in turn MOCCAE and CDA, washing their hands of it, have sent us back to the municipality.

OIPA International, as NGO registered in Italy, is in close contact with the Italian ambassador in UAE and the General Commissioner of Italy for the Dubai Expo 2020. Following a set of papers, the Embassy asked OIPA to submit, they have formally sensitized the UAE authorities by suggesting the need to identify solutions that guarantee a greater balance between health needs and animal welfare. In particular, the need for adequate regulations in compliance with the international standards in force on the subject of animal protection and a more ethical policy for the control of strays.


OIPA International will continue to fight until the safety of Dubai’s animals will be totally guaranteed.