Our volunteers in Tunisia are always super busy. Tunisia cannot be considered a pet-friendly country; cats and dogs are killed every day. Most people are not sensitive to the cause and there is a substantial lack of education on animal rights.

For this, our volunteers have to fight every single day against the ignorance and malice of people and institutions.

Below you can read the stories of some of the dogs rescued and treated by OIPA volunteers.

JOY spent her first few years with a shepherd. For a dog, life is not easy when owned by this kind of people.

 Kept in chains, neglected and underfed, she also had her tail docked. Our volunteers managed to persuade him to give them the dog. Joy recovered well and after she got her strength up, she has been sterilized.

She has been moved to a shelter, all on our volunteers’ money. She cannot live on the street because it is too dangerous. The Tunisian institutions still shoot dogs, and so do many private individuals. Many people still and foolishly believe that dogs are impure creatures. Definitely, Tunisia is not a safe place for them.



This puppy was found in the conditions you can see in the video: dragging himself along the roadside, frightened and totally alone.

The vet said that he had almost certainly been bitten by one or more dogs. He was quarantined in a volunteer’s backyard. We have done everything to get him back on his paws… physical therapy, punctures…

After the quarantine lifted, we helped him socialize with other dogs because after a long period of isolation he was terrified of dogs.

Micky can run and play now…even if his paw plays tricks on him once in a while.

Micky has had a troubled past, but now he is a socialized and sweet dog.  He is actually living in a shelter, waiting for a forever family.

And lastly, a happy-ending story

This is SAMI. Someone locked him up in a sewer pipe, leaving him to die. OIPA volunteer Emanuela heard his moans, but could not find a way to free him easily. She has therefore decided to feed and water him through a hole.

Fortunately, it did not take a long time to earn his trust. After a few days, she finally got him out of what could have been his tomb. Sami is now happily adopted!!

If you wish to contribute to supporting Micky, Joyand their treatments make a donation to OIPA. Don’t forget to specify the purpose of the payment: OIPA TUNISIA