Our volunteers in Tunisia take care of many stray cats and dogs. A few weeks ago, on the road to feed a cat colony, they bumped into a cardboard box next to the trash. Before looking inside, they had already knew what they would find: word got out that OIPA volunteers rescue abandoned cats and dogs. The people who live nearby know that our big-hearted volunteers often walk by that dumpster, and somebody considers it as the perfect place to abandon puppies and kittens. This has already happened more than once.

Inside the box, there was a litter of six little fluff balls. The puppies were newborn, just a couple of days old, their eyes were still closed.

They were immediately taken to a vet. Apart from being very hungry, all six puppies were healthy. But the problem was, how to feed them?

Luckly Maya, an adorable dog, was able to help. She had recently given birth, but, sadly, a pack of strays killed her puppies. She still had milk and she accepted the six new-born puppies as her own.

Maya turned out to be a loving mom and the puppies are getting stronger and stronger every day. As soon as they will be ready for adoption, our volunteers will look for a forever home for them.

Stories like this make should remind everyone about the importance of neutering pets. Too many people believe that it is unnatural, nevetheless, some of those also think it is acceptable to separate puppies and kittens from their mother and throw them in the trash.

It is impossible to understand how someone could break up puppies from their mother, knowing their lives will be at risk. OIPA’s volunteers will do their best to write a happy ending for these six little guys’ story.

If you wish to supporting these six lovely puppies and their adoptive mother Maya, make a donation to OIPA. Don’t forget to specify OIPA TUNISIA in the purpose.